Run Merrickville is Seeking Applications from Community Groups:   Run Merrickville organizers are accepting applications from community groups in Merrickville-Wolford who need a small donation to assist with their operating costs for 2019.

In keeping with the mandate of Run Merrickville, the group has donated to community groups from funds that exceed the operational needs of Run Merrickville. Excess money goes to help other organizations whose purpose promotes good health for all ages within the Merrickville-Wolford community.

Mandate:   The purpose of Run Merrickville is to promote good health for all ages through physical activity. The aim of Run Merrickville is to provide an event in Merrickville-Wolford that will encourage people to get outside and become active through recreational running or walking.

To apply please send an email to Lori Urquhart at

Committee executive member Sally MacInnis said, “Please include in the email the group’s mandate and explain how your group encourages good health and physical activity for Merrickville-Wolford residents. All applicants must state how much money they are asking from this process and how they intend to use this money.”

Race Director Lori Urquhart does advise there is no guarantee money will be available. All donations to date have been made from funds that exceed the operational needs of Run Merrickville.  She said, “we have been able to support community groups in the past and we want to continue that support.”